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Fabrizio Giamello prepare his "Hazelnut cake", into respect and appreciation of tradition of locls products

Between those "Hazelnut cake", cake "Bacio di Langa", fresh pastisiers and dry, brutti e buoni, sweet truffles, biscuits for breakfast, semifreddo among which "Moscatella", panettone and doves hazelnut , a big assortment of ice creams and many other goodie..


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In Vesime, hazelnut Tonda Gentile Trilobata is protagonist absolut and Fabrizio Giamello, extraordinary pastry, togheter with wife Barbara, realis superb desserts.



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Hazelnut cakes of Langa, fresh pastry and dry, “Brutti e Buoni”, sweet truffles, biscuits for breakfast, semifreddo, ice creams and “Baci di Langa”. Possibility of workshop and mini pastry courses .