La Dolce Langa

Pastry in Vesime

Resident, modern and confortable, is located in residents restructured of already famous pastry "Da Giusepin", renowned for the delicacy and authenticity of it's products since 1898.



Il Bacio di langa

Product key of all range, born for differetiate from the usual bacio di dama. A pastry based from hazelnut variety "Tonda Gentile Trilobata", butter, flour, caster sugar and a wise processing; stuffed with soft hazelnut cream and chocolate, leave stunned even the most discerning palates. you can find to cake shape, in portion and loose (rigorously hand-wrapped). For the celebrations of Christmas and Easter you can find to doves and Christmas tree shape.



and home speciality

• Awards Faccino Radioso Club of Papillon 2005 of Paolo Massobrio.
• Excellent artisan piedmont pastry sector and ice-cream sector .
• Recognition “Che Storia” Confcommercio for storich
Piedmont shop 150° Anniversary Unification of Italy.
• National recognition “La Torta da Forno” 2011 - 2nd place
Bacio di Langa - Cortemilia (CN)

• Bacio di Langa - registered 2003
• Moscatella - registered 2005